Hair Loss or Hair Shedding?

By | July 15, 2017

Do you have hair loss or hair shedding?
You need to read this before you start panicking when you see hair on your pillow. Before you sound the alarm there is hair loss and hair shedding, which are you experiencing? Hopefully it’s just hair shedding. This is pretty much normal; everyone goes through this cycle every day. We shed 50 – 100 hairs a day, anything significantly more than that is hair loss medically known as telogen effluvium. Again do not panic.

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We will discuss the difference between hair loss and hair shedding. Then after identifying the type of hair loss, there will be tips on what course of action should be taken.
Hair loss is attributed to age, when you age you will lose a lot of your youthfulness and this includes your skins health, the scalp is also made of skin, so if your entire skin is getting older and weaker, then the scalp is also going to be weaker and breakage of hair will eventually happen. This is why people at the age of 35 and above will experience some sort of hair loss and hair thinning.
Another shocking factor that most people tend to disagree with and overlook is that smoking affects hair loss. There is a recent paper release just 2011 that although genetics played a big role for hair loss, tests confirm that having been a smoker for years greatly improve your chances of losing more hair due to the chemicals it introduces to the body.
Another studies shown that too much heat and exposure to the sun creates bald spots that leads to hair thinning and eventually hair loss. It is essential that you personally do your share to help your head during warm and sunny weather. Try to avoid exposure to the sun directly.
Another new thing in recent studies is that they are now claiming coffee has the right blend to start making your mane thick again. And it is not just getting coffee by drinking more glasses a day, but by getting those new coffee enriched shampoos.
When in doubt, always go with the natural methods of rescuing your thinning hair. If you go with natural ingredients and do them safely, you will get the results that you need like the ones with expensive medication. Same results and with no side effects that could be harmful to your health are just the best benefits that you can get when you go natural.
Aloe Vera has been long known to help strengthen hair strands. The way you use Aloe Vera is by its leaves. People get the extract and use them as a shampoo and leave on conditioner. You can also boil the leaves and use it as tea. It has great natural properties which help hair be smooth and strong, making hair breakage less and less for you. Hair break is a common problem amongst women, unlike men which most hair fall occurs at the roots, hair breakage will not make hair grow a certain length.

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